namaste & blessings Beloved
my name is Gabriel

Transmutation Healer, Heart Warrior & Kriya Yogi

Remembering your
Heart’s Magnificence

Transmutation Healing

Transmutation: from mud to gold, from ego to the heart, from fear to love. And you are free…

Kriya Yoga

Embrace this ancient practice of Yoga; cultivating the perpetual expansion of the spiritual heart.
Remembering the wisdom of your heart. 

Unlock Your Authentic Self. Be the DIVINE PRESENCE

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it ~ Rumi

Individual Sessions / Monthly Packages

Begin to Dissect, Dismantle, and Transcend the limiting "Ego"

Begin to return to the Spiritual Heart that only knows LOVE.

Begin to tap into your soul's true essence

Know your divine purpose and gifts

Surrender to the divine and ride the cosmic current

Coherence - Heart Mind Connection

Creating balance between your Heart & Mind so wisdom flows effortlessly. 


How one can utilize their soul’s wisdom to dissect and transcend the Ego. Everything you need is already within you.

Heart vs Ego

How to know the difference between boundless heart intuition and the limiting stories of the ego.

Divine Purpose

Beginning to unravel and discover your Divine Purpose. The reason for your incarnation here utilizing the perennial wisdom of the Gene Keys.  

What Is Heart Coaching and Empowerment?

Environment is often stronger than will. As we cultivate the heart’s power we can begin to influence our external reality. As is the sequence of nature, an involuting perpetual force, flowing inside out infinitely. Over the linear time of a month or more, we will being to tap into and align to this stream / force that lies within all hearts. With gratitude, humility and the reverence to the divine flowing through me: do I invite this opportunity for those beings who are resonance with my unique soul essence.

Who is this for? (follow your heart's resonance always)

For those beings who first resonant with Gabriel’s soul essence. Look through the eyes to know if this soul, is perfectly meant for your inner journey to return to love. 

Gabriel will be your guide, to slowly – organically reunite you with your Sacred Heart, the place where infinite love dwells and is. Always and forever. 

How will we connect?

Utilising technology we will connect over Zoom / Skype and work together for the transcendence of the ego, and the blossoming of the sacred heart.

How long will the sessions go for?

Generally 1.5 hours, however, Gabriel will follow divine will. Sessions are spontaneous and absolutely guided by the divine who decides the energetic flow. 

How will sessions work/flow?

The Divine flows spontaneously and precisely. Gabriel will generally start by tuning into the core wounds / belief systems / karmic implications that are influencing one’s current reality. Then through the power of love / wisdom of the heart / and the violet flame of transmutation (as gifted by St Germain) we will perpetually unravel the layers of ego that keep one from the heart’s presence. Like the lotus alas, we must blossom through the mud / darkness / stories of the ego to re-arrive at the truth. 

How is Payment (energetic exchange) made?

Through Paypal. Once payment has been made, you will be then be contacted by Gabriel to schedule in a rolling time for heart sharing and soul empowerment! May Abundance be with you now and forever more. 

I have more questions?

It would be an honour to connect and share. My details for connection and further sharing: 

WhatsApp: +610401 043 261


Heart Coaching & Empowerment Offerings

Individual Session

Gabriel will call forth the Divine Mother and relevant guides, to precisely pinpoint with effortless grace and ease...

More Details

the most magnetized barrier from love that is currently prevailing in the electromagnetic field of the heart.

A session is spontaneously unique as guided by the Divine!

$88.8 USD

3 Sessions

Together we will transcend the layers that are hindering the soul's divine essence to shine forth.

More Details

3 sessions allow a beautiful flow; to go deep and begin to transcend energetic forces not in alignment with the heart. Every session is unique, however when there is a timestamp of 3 sessions; one session can beautifully flow into the next, for perpetual transformation. 

$222 USD

3 / 6 / 9  Months Mentoring

A beautiful gift it is, to connect share and grow over a longer flux of time. We can continue to go deep with the unconscious, and illuminate the sacred heart forevermore!

More Details

This is the jewel within the lotus, where perpetual / continual transformation can unfold. Working together, we can continually cultivate the divine presence within, and there will be a point, an alignment where you are your own master. The transference of energy is just to bring you back to yourself. You are the true master and the true guardian of your soul and it's a mission on this planet. 

As mentioned it would be an absolute honour to serve beside you consistently over a longer period of time.

Love of a thousand suns x x x x 

Contact Gabriel

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About Me

A lover of this beautiful blessing that is life. To be 100% alive with purpose void of attachment. Through my many journeys, experiences and inner realizations, by the will of Divine Grace, I wish to share from my heart to yours in faith that those in resonance may receive reflections that will assist them on their soul’s journey…

It is my deepest knowing that the greater we open our hearts to the divine, the more we are touched by its grace. Love is the greatest power in the universe, and this reflection wills to see it realised within.  

Blog & Gifts ...

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FOR CENTURIES, alchemists have sought to change base metals into gold. But the transmutation of metals like lead into gold is symbolic of a higher and nobler alchemy -- the alchemy of self-transformation.

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What are you feeling in your heart? How about we do a resonance call?

When the student is ready the reflection appears as orchestrated by the divine. Beyond words, how about we connect face to face to ensure that this is meant to be?

That the divine wills this connection so?

I would love to connect with you on a 15-minute resonance call.

So we both can tune into our hearts and allow the divine to flow!

Don't Wait Any Longer. Begin illuminating the Sacred Heart Today!

Receive this gift from my heart to yours

Gabriel's guide to the Violet Flame. The violet flame comes forth from the violet ray, which has the qualities of mercy, forgiveness, freedom, and transmutation. 

Thank you, beautiful heart. Look forward to connecting.