Something that has stuck with me during the journey…

Deep in the Amazon Jungle, a shaman (in ceremony during my inner journey) told me that shamanism and everything in life is… 70% showing up, 30% surrender… ?

She said, that she never knew what was going to happen, or what she was going to do, but she just showed up.

Then surrendered to the higher intelligence – source – absolute consciousness ♾ – whatever it be named, and allowed that to flow through her void of mind.
A surrender that is like; taking a leap of faith, absolutely being immersed and consumed by the presence within.

Like falling into the ocean, and letting a wave take you to wherever it spontaneously – diligently flows to and from.

Waves ? in the ocean, yet the ocean is the omnipresent intelligence, the perfect architect, the dance ? and the dancer ?
And from that space, everything happened with grace and ease, and was absolutely as it was meant to be, no matter what happened.

The contentment in knowing that all is in divine harmony ?

The courage to show up is the precipice for the magic that will be.

Show up, and surrender to the divine, and be the experiencer of the magnificence that you truly are ✨

Even if in showing up, challenges arise…challenges are only gifts for introspection, then evolution ♾

As we all may be unique expressions of the one, allow your uniqueness to shine ?
Be brave, be bold, show up, and just be you… ?

Returning to the Jungle in September 2020.

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