During Ceremony deep in the Amazon Jungle ?

I called on the Incan / Shipibo power animal the Condor.

I asked for its Grace.

To bless my path ?? To invoke courage: wisdom: inner vision & thus foresight: within my heart ~ within my being.

2 weeks later; I was gifted a Condor Feather by dear brother @bloodybuenoperu .

I had trusted, waited patiently, that my 3 previous opportunities to acquire one were perfectly orchestrated.

To now understand; that they are gifts from the Divine Hand ?

Trust: Surrender; Patience.

All will unfold.

Just as the Condor soars over the cosmos ?

It’s inner vision ? ??‍♂️ the secret to the outer (Divine Play). Seeing the unfolding of the Divine Play.

With Patience and Grace,

And the flawless interpretation of Divine Will… Does it consciously choose to intervene…

For Soul Transformation ?? May the wisdom of Condor.

Guide those souls it blesses;
To realms of the sacred heart within.

Remembering the power of inner sight! “Let inner vision by my guide, now and forevermore”


PS – What a blessing it was to also connect thy Feather to the many Mountain ? Apu’s we embraced on our Journeys into the Sacred Valley.