Knocking on the door of Shingo’s Temple … ?

What do I ask to invite into my life? ?

To be a strong foundation of transformation. ♾

Like the tree in which support’s Shingo’s Spirit.

Only with roots ?? deep into the earth … Can it expand, with branches out into infinity … ?

And thus be the largest known tree in that part of the Jungle …

To be the central intelligence, as trees are interconnected, transferring information between each other (in a fluid breathe like action) and all other plant life for miles and miles … ?

Thus more like a unified intelligence all breathing thus working together for evolution and prosperity …

Likened to human nature … That we must have deep roots connected to earth … ?

That we must have deep roots into the hell we may have created – the unconscious mind …

To experience heaven – the pristine pure self – ?

before our mind created the barriers / core wounds / away from Love – in that we truly are.

The tree is the Central Intelligence … Much like the human heart … ?

To be the inception of intelligence … For one to always follow … As it is connected to the unified field of all potentials.

That being love … ?

I invite the gift of inner-vision … To see the truth within my self … Thus to know the truth on the outside …

To see through the veils of illusion … Reflecting to me to look deeper within myself … ?

To reconnect with my essence … That only knows love … ?

Every time I visit this tree … ☯️ I am blessed with nature-inspired transmissions of truth.

If you wish to visit.

Join us in the Jungle in September 2020.

And receive the subtle grace of the jungle.

If she ? calls to you … that is …

follow that pull … the magnetism …

Blessings ?