Only the inner mystic 

knows that culture is a game 

Everyone else takes it seriously 

That’s how he/she can do thy magic.

By pure surrender to what is.

And child-like embrace, curiosity and pure innocence at the omnipotent power and spontaneity of source

That only a programmed mind creates what the limits of what is possible ♾

A mind that is free and open

A mind who has unified with the speechless ?  heart ?

A mind who has begun to innerstand “to whence did the I occur” ?
And thus a heart that just is

Can ‪pierce the veil‬

And manifest what we may call “magic” or “miracles” ✨

Which are truly just the concentration of energy to a particular outcome

To magnetize and spin particles ⚡️ in a pattern that is cohesive with the unified intelligence ?
To always act in balance also – with natures law ?
But what if we released all belief systems
And surrendered to infinite possibilities? ?♾ And even the labels of “magic” and “miracles” ✨

And that is just is ☝️ Without the mental application. “If you name me, you negate me.

By giving me a name, a label, you negate all the other things I could possibly be.” — Søren Kierkegaard

In the words of Merlin ?‍♂️- St Germain ?

You are infinity child, possibilities are boundless ♾

Love of a thousand suns☀️ moons ? & waters ?

x x x x x x x