A grace from nature …
To reflect the mists we create away from the heart …
Sunrise at Machu Picchu …
So much concern about the mist that was covering the Ancient site …
That many may have seen the perfection …
And the deep wisdom amongst the mist

Once again displaying the majesty of nature’s intelligence
Not only did it provide rejuvenation to plant life through the aquifers in the air
But it created a completely unique environment for connection
And for perception
Amongst the mist – there was this feeling of a deeper mystery
Like when going within the self
The veil of the unknown
Where limitless potential lies
The intrigue
The spontaneity
The will of the creator
And when the mist settled
By the grace of Inti    
There were a deep appreciation and gratitude
Sometimes, it takes phases or subtle unfoldings
To see, feel and experience the majesty of nature uniquely ~
For the truth to be revealed; in the noonday sun
The mists illuminated; by the boundless love of the heart
Embrace all – and be open always to the perennial wisdom of nature
PS – thank you to @Asherah Lyra Sananda rose heart – who was the reflection who was perfectly present for this transmission to be embraced
Wisdom from Mother Tao ~
Life on its way returns into a mist,
Its quickness is its quietness again:
Existence of this world of things and men
Renews their never needing to exist.