Embrace this eternal moment!

Sit outside in nature, near a tree.

Or imagine yourself sitting under one. Utilise the power of consciousness.

They symbolise the fact that with a firm foundation we can be free to reach for the stars – which is the basis of spiritual development of us human beings.

We are urged to balance and unite our earthly and spiritual impulses so that ultimately we can live a worthwhile and satisfying life, with spirits that are liberated.

The tree, therefore, symbolises how the universe reflects in the Self, and also how the Self is reflected in the universe.

Close your eyes. With our eyes closed we access the place of infinite consciousness, the place not walked, the chambers of infinity, the portal through the sacred human heart to the Divine.

With eyes closed, we are practising kriya, the inner cultivation of energy which is the same energy behind all of creation.

Sit with your spine erect, the spine is the microcosm of the centre of the universe. All the planets move around your spine, in correspondence to your karma.

And it is thus through the third eye or the sun that we liberate ourselves and realise ourselves as one with the omnipresent light.

For a few moments, look diagonally with your eyes closed, into the true eye.

In the words of Yeshua Sananda (Jesus)

“ The light of the body is the eye: if. therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.”

Sit and tune into the silence. The quantum space where the Divine speaks.

Begin to breathe in and out of the nostrils. Rhythmically. As you breathe deeper, slower and slower you connect to the rhythm of creation.

The breath, is the gateway to spirit, as you breathe, you are pulling awareness and manifesting the omnipresent light behind all of creation, in your being.

Focus on the core of your being, the sacred human heart, our first reference point for connection to all of life, to all of creation, the primordial energy that exists in all phenomena, every expression of creation.

Sit there in silence, focusing on the core of your being, continuing to breathe in {inhale} and {exhale} out of the nostrils.

I am the sacred eternal fire, that burns infinitely within me and all of creation.

I am the Cosmic AUM, that reverberates, throughout all of creation.

Breathe in deeper, continuing to inhale and exhale through the nostrils. Practice the cobra breath for those Kriyabans.

Now breathe in, and hold your breathe for the duration of this invocation.

I am the omnipresent light, that sustains all of creational flow, I am that, that is, and forever will be.

Through my heart, I become one with the omnipresent intelligence.

And exhale, and return to the primordial stillness, as this energy echoes into eternity.

As a child of the Divine, I call forth thy divine inheritance from thy infinite bounty.

May energies of the solstice flow and bring forth my soul’s greatest evolutionary progression.

May this energy be the wings of flight, that will glide the skies of bliss, into the solstice and beyond.

Chant AUM three times.