What is the purpose/role of the Medicine Master in the Ancient Shipbo tradition…

To be the bridge between the plant spirit and human realms.

To commune with the 150,000 plants of the Amazon Jungle, and allow them to speak through you.

To remind Humanity, that for every disease, there is a cure in plant medicine.

Apart of Mother Natures majesty and her love for all beings – to offer beings healing and transformation.

When you think about it, there are 150,000 species of plant in the Amazon Jungle. And that begs the question?

How did the indigenous people know which plants to pick and how to brew or procure them?

This information derives from transference (psychic/sound wave communication) with plants. I know within my heart, that if you are born in nature through indigenous ritual {or spend prolonged time in it with an awareness to connect} you organically refine your energy/awareness to that of nature itself {Schuman Resonance}. At this point, a communication channel/portal opens. Much like tuning to a particular radio station.

My knowing is that each type of plant has a ‘spirit’ that is connected to it. Which means, all living beings have a spiritual representation {Ying and Yang per se, consciousness and matter}. So as the Shaman or Medicine Masters will tell you, the spirit of the plant will psychically contact them in their dream or waking state, show them where the plant is located in the jungle, and teach them how to procure it.

A story in which Juni tells…

A plant spirit that he named ‘Saracura’ {Sarah cures} came to him in a dream. She {feminine energy} presented herself to Juni – and explained that the intelligence of the jungle recognized that many westerners who visited the camp had over stimulated synapses and their nervous systems where often grossly out of balance. Thus –  the plant medicine of Saracura is an offering from the jungle, in the western profession “a cure”. As it is a complete nervous system recalibrator – it acts to repair the damaged synapses in the brain due to high levels of stress in the western world, and the over-stimulation of the brain due to today’s modern technology.

Saracura at this stage is only known to be found outside of the Casa Shipiba village. The knowledge of how to procure this plant will stay within the family of Casa Shipiba because of its sacredness. As we have seen many times {Una De Gato aka Cats Claw for example}, the western world often elects to mass-produce healing plants, without respecting the organic unfoldment and sacred rituals of the indigenous people to ensure the plant’s spirit is nourished, and of love frequency.  

I look forward to learning more wisdom from Juni in September next year.

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Amazon Avatar – September 2019!