Lost in the jungle, one can rediscover the truth of self.

So 6 hours deep down the Amazon River into the Jungle.

Lost in Nature’s Majesty.

What realizations could incur?


An innerstanding of Mother Natures Laws.

Sophistication, simplicity and the least amount of energy expressed for an outcome.

No effect without cause nor invention without necessity.

One intelligence in flux for the prosperity of the whole.

Humans, animals wild and fierce, spirits (for those who attune), living in absolute harmony.
Her unconditional love

A return to the source

An absolute game-changer.

A recalibration of your energetic field.

To be reconnected to the whole.

You are not separate.

You are an innate being in a larger whole.

Nature wills for you to be apart of the greater flow.

Will your release your ego, and reunite with Mother Nature’s grace?

And be apart of the greater flow?

Be attuned to the Intelligence that sustains life?

Open your heart to this profound possibility.
And reunite!