To be a lone wolf  takes courage, relentless determination – towards the inner goal of the transcendence of egocentricity.

It is a time of self exploration to truly know the self.

To introspect and navigate your ways through all the programming – self limiting beliefs – traumas in childhood – stories that you tell yourself – to unlearn everything you have learned…

Trusting this process, you no longer fear the darkness of the deep forest within.

Then you go to deepest depths of exploration and find other wolfs  just like you.

You then howl under the midnight moon in awe of the exhilaration off rediscovering a place within yourself that is the source of being.

Who have shared the same experiences and navigated – introspected the inner realms.

Thus the wolf pack organically congregates and howls together – the sound reverberating to all others to ignite and invite others to take the deep dive within.

And your wolf pack inspires – motivates – shines – and reflects the bravery and eternal love that now resides within you – that is contagious as it spreads in the outside world.

May you find the wolf within – to look at darkness and smile.

As you now know the truth within your being…