Brothers in arms

What a feeling, a pulse, a surge of adrenaline.

To be apart of a team, that is united for one purpose.

For the pure innate joy, of expressing masculinity together.

To know, that you will always be there for your brother.

You will take the hit you will do the little one-percenters

To ensure your brother has every opportunity to rise to the Challenge.

And be seen in their glory and acumen.

Team sport, one of the many important bonding experiences…

For the Masculine during this time of great transition.

To think that times before us, that going to war, was a kind of “sport”

And now this has gracefully taken its place.

As the masculinity must be expressed.

The energy must run its course 

For there to be a balance 

My hope is that such bonds can also begin to be anchored in vulnerability.

Where we can begin to embody divine masculinity 

The innate ability to balance the feminine within us

To be able to openly share our feelings and emotions to our brothers.

To embrace self-love and care, to take space for one’s self.

To unwind, to just be – human “being” rather than masculine doing. 

To ignite this energy within us, that is grace and ease.

To open our hearts to a greater force.

To just be open, to receive, to embrace.

And of course, always be anchored in our masculine expression.

Find balance Brothers.

And be free from suffering.

Chaotic loops of self-destruction.

Open up, share, express, embrace, take space.

As an awakened man is a warrior of the heart 

He has risen in his divine feminine  

And is in communion with his feelings 

and speaks the language of love.

Rise now, Brothers!