The numerology of this year 2/2/2020 amplifies the intentions of the Celtic festival known as Imbloc.

Imbloc represents an energetic passageway of fertility.

The Goddess is planting the seeds to be sown in the future.

The Goddess is ripe with ‘ewe’s milk’ (translation of ‘Imbloc”) and she invites you to utilise this magical doorway in the human interpretation of time to visualise your dreams for this year.

Nevertheless it is a double edged sword, like a rose and it’s thorns…

This time also invites the ignition of the inner fire – symbolised in nature by the first glimmerings of spring and the early surging of the sap.

Thus, it also invites for deep inner work, where the seeds of enormous breakthroughs can be sown, for the future in which your soul seeks to be unveiled in the noon day sun.

Introspection: one’s ability to listen inwardly, and allow the cessations of the ego to passover, and the waters of renewal embraced.

Only he or she who is empty can receive the secrets and revelations of the inner world. When you perfect this art of inner listening, you become like a beautiful shell, through which the whole universe can be heard tinkling.

The more intense one’s inner concentration and purification, the more powerful will be the breakthrough made by this energy when it explodes into full force in the summer.

So cease this eternal moment and this magic gateway of time.

Invite the Goddess Imbolc into your soul’s journey with sacred ceremony.

Activate her through the power of the spoken word. She hears you – she is ready and ripe to procure her magic.

What she ultimately actualises,  is of incalculable value to those who are ready to listen – she brings the potential for an awesome transformation into a higher and more evolved reality.

This is why we celebrate the feminine Goddesses at this time..

Because they represent that which is hidden, but also that which will one day emerge.

The Magdalene mysteries…

To Goddess Imbolc I bow, invoke and ask for thy grace.

It is Done. It is Done. It is Done.

So Mote it Be.

*Inspired Words from Gene Key 13 – Fellowship of the Ring