Walking through portals in Tulum Mexico.
Receiving the Ancient Grace of the Lands.
Incredible to witness the majesty of Mother Nature in the seaside ruins.
The intensity of the wind with the sway of the palm trees in this Caribbean paradise, the mouth of the ocean where pristine blue waters hit the shore, the coolness and shade of the jungle for rejuvenating intervention from the beaming sun, the unique and vast expressions of plant life.
And how the ancient ruins of the were built by architects of a divine science ~ to assimilate Nature’s energies ~ so the energy can be cultivated and expressed for the betterment of the community.
This is why my soul is magnetized to Sacred Pilgrimages, to receive this magic on a subtle level – which is expressed as inspiration and spontaneous joy that is forever remembered in my heart…
With every footstep on ancient ruins, the soul remembers…
Why I love to travel, and going on sacred pilgrimages and visiting sacred sites.