Deep in the Slovenian mountains of Mount Triglav roamed the mystical being the
“Golden Horn”.

Golden Horn legendary white chamois buck, who was the King of the Mountains.

He was greatly respected and revered for his valor, compassion, and strength.

His incredibly large and golden beaming horns, represent awakened and elevated consciousness. For a buck, what humans call the pineal gland (bucks have a similar but generally less sophisticated gland), the spiritual center of perception – it’s propensity and awakeness is represented by the size of their “horns”. Just as in the yogic tradition, long beaming hair can also represent awakened consciousness (not a necessity for spiritual enhancement but a blessing). As they the hair as the horns, act as antennas for spiritual attunement.

This great being was a leader, who through his indomitable spirit ensured all was in balance in this region of the Slovenian Mountains.

Mountains in folklore and many indigenous traditions are known for their intensified energy – literally the peak of energetic expression.

Thus it manifests as many high vibration beings of the spirit world – who resonate with this heightened frequency and thus live in this region.

These beings can be named elementals / magical creatures. They exist at a bandwidth of electromagnetic sight – beyond the general human sight in this epoch of time.

An awakened third eye – can penetrate these realms.

Anyway back to the story.

Golden Horn was unanimously chosen as the King of the Mountains, and this role pertained to keeping all the matters of spirit in balance.

Yes – there is a whole wide world of life – outside of human perception.

Of course, Golden Horn would also cross paths with Humans from time to time.

Humans that were also called to the high-frequency energy in the mountains, or from time to time stragglers.

And Golden Horn would greet them with Grace, and of course, communicate with the humans who were attuned to vibrational communication (what we call psychic).

With every encounter, Golden Horn’s reputation continued to rise amongst Humans.

Until a time of fallen human consciousness, where “Gold” was meet with greed, and “Majesty” was meet with a quest of “conquer”.

So hunters seeking glory set off, to go head to head with the Golden Horn.

Also seeking the treasure, of his majestic “Golden Horns”.

The two young hunters found Goldenhorn among the high, steep cliffs of the Slovenian mountains and tried to kill the animal for his horns. Instead, the hunters wounded him.

Goldenhorn fled from the hunters and resourcefully approached friendly plant spirits that ushered him to eat a magical Triglav flower which instantly healed him.

Thereafter, Powerfully returning to full strength, Goldenhorn faced the young hunters and charged towards them. The sun gleamed off his horns, into their eyes, blinding them. Sadly, the young hunter lost his balance and fell off the cliff to his death.

Feeling threatened by the Slovenian people, and knowing the coming fallen state of human consciousness, he advised all the elementals and other magical beings, to go into hiding.

Goldenhorn then ripped up all of the mountain flowers and left the mountains bare and rocky. Hence the mountains above the Triglav lakes are bare today. And thus not as mystical as it once was, only traces now, as when elementals and other spirit beings are present, there is a certain luster/mist that prevails adding to the magic of a location.

This story is reflected in many Indigenous tales and folklore. The fall of human consciousness, where greed and conquest, have forced many magical beings into hiding.

Even from an indigenous standpoint, where corporate greed has taken control of sacred lands, that are so much more important to the limited ego complex.

As in the world of spirit, there is a greater balance that must be adhered, otherwise, chaos to the physical world is imminent.

My reflection here is to trust deeply in the wisdom of our ancestors. They were connected to worlds beyond most of our populations in this current era – perception.

There is a greater web of life, where synergy and interconnectedness of all life, physical spirit and otherwise, is in harmony.

Humans have distributed this web of life.

There well maybe a perfection to it yet, a grand awakening, through the chaos.

Blessings to the wisdom keepers and ancestors, that are keeping the ancient flame of the web of life alight!