Soul Alignment

Reawakening one's unique essence.

To live life at the zenith of potential.

To align one’s being with their soul consciousness. For this organic state to be reawakened, we have to illuminate and transform the barriers one has built against love (the true essence of the soul).

A Soul Alignment session is a powerful personal convergence with Gabriel.

Embracing the multi-spectrum of your consciousness.

This is a unique and precise experience for each soul. It is a combination of various healing modalities fused into Gabriel’s personal practice.

The depth and amount of energy transmitted in each session are aligned to the highest and best way for your current evolution.

Gabriel’s overall intention is to assist you in the advancement of your soul’s evolution and to empower you in breaking through limitations.

He serves as a guide to you and as a vessel of multidimensional intelligence to stream information and to transmit high vibrational energy.

The session/s will ignite realizations that will integrate as life changes and new heart coherent ways of living life.

The session/s power is exponentially magnetized your personal intent and openness to evolving.

What unfolds in a Soul Alignment session?

I can only offer a probable occurrence.

As in these sessions, I am a conduit for the Divine, to express through me and do its work.

Transcending limiting belief systems.

Unlocking and calling forth spiritual gifts.

Assimilating and integrating soul information.

Connecting to parallel soul timelines for empowerment.

Healing of childhood and/or parallel life traumas.

Clearing and transmuting lower vibrational energy.

Realignment and regeneration of one's energetic field.

Processing Emotional and Physical blockages.

Embodiment with greater aspects of the self.

Learning why the soul has orchestrated life circumstances.

Activation of dormant high vibrational coding.

Interpretation of Gene Key information for soul purpose insight.

How will you feel during/after a session?

A deep sense of inner peace & tranquility

Exuberant energy, vitality and peace of mind

Deeper faith and trust in the divine unfolding

Connection to expanded states of consciousness

Deep states of relaxation and healing

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

When the aspirant is ready the reflection appears as orchestrated by the divine. Beyond words, how about we connect face to face to ensure that this is meant to be?

That the divine wills this connection so?

I would love to connect with you on a 15-minute resonance call.

So we both can tune into our hearts and allow the divine to flow!


Book a session/s

Together we will transcend the layers that are hindering the soul’s divine essence to shine forth.

The more sessions we embrace together; allows a beautiful flow; to continue to go deep and begin to transcend energetic forces not in alignment with the heart. Every session is unique, however when there is a timestamp of mutiple sessions; one session can beautifully flow into the next, for perpetual transformation.

Illumination of the Heart by the Grace of Soul Alignment

Remember that the whole purpose of my reflection is to reawaken, remember, re-embrace the magnificence that you already are and forever will be! 

I am simply a mirror to guide you back to yourself. Once you reawaken your heart and align with your soul greater and greater ~ then you become the master of your unique journey into truth.
I only wish that you remember who and what you truly are ~ as a wave apart of the omnipotent ocean. Love shall prevail always and forever – now and forevermore! 

It is done – it is done – it is done.

Ayam Atma Brahma! 

Individual Session

Each session is intuitive, unique as guided by the divine.
– 1h – 1.5h
– intuitive dialog
– energetic realignment, transmutation and activation
– session report provided with integration and action steps.

3 Sessions

Every session is unique, however when there is a timestamp of 3 sessions; one session can beautifully flow into the next, for perpetual transformation.

– 1h – 1.5h
– intuitive dialog
– energetic realignment, transmutation and activation
– session report provided with integration and action steps.

3 / 6 / 9 Months Mentoring available – let’s connect to discuss.

Let’s leap into the beautiful mystery and madness of the unknown, and have a resonance call to connect; share and explore all potentials for the continued blossoming of the heart and alignment of the soul.


Our session together for me was just beautiful, I felt your heart flowing with love, sincere compassion and understanding of the issue we were working on...
I instantly felt calm and relaxed in your presenceEven after the session, I loved the tools you shared with me, the little messages of uplifting support. Overall the session was a beautiful uplifting experience full of sincere LOVE!!
Most grateful to you Gabriel. 
PS..I'm truly feeling a much more loving connection with myself X
~ Lisa


My time spent working with Gabriel through empowerment sessions were nothing short of transformational. His ability to hold a loving and compassionate field created an environment that lent boundless support while I dove deep and faced my shadows.  I genuinely believe that having worked directly with a man who embraces and honours the Divine Feminine, was paramount for me to transmute some of the woundings incurred as a result of trauma inflicted by men.  Gabriel is a beautiful and talented being whose bright light shines like a beacon, guiding you along the path home. A true blessing to be re-connected in this life."
~ Lori


"Since we met last year, I’d like to share how your mentorship has been instrumental and invaluable to this vessels navigation on the path to self-awarenesss.

I have witnessed directly your unique ability to see a persons soul and how your then able to gently guide the personality to meet the soul. I wasn’t aware my soul had a voice, but you brought it out and my life hasn’t been the same since…It’s been an amazing journey with you to say the least!

Thank you also for holding space as my shadows have come up, are witnessed and released. My true self now has the courage to open up and begin shining a light that’s been ignored and subdued most my life.

I’m forever grateful for your wisdom sharing & beautiful pure heart!"

~ Rebecca


Still Have Questions? It would be an honour to connect and share ..