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Web of Life

Web of Life

monthly free energetic transmission
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11.04.20 8PM GST | 1PM PDT

The Web of Life is an energetic web for all human beings to interconnect through their heart intelligence to assist the evolution of the planet.

The intention of the Web of Life Transmission is to gather Beings all around the World to tune in with each other and become powerful connecting points of the Web of Life; which together will be held in a high frequency in order for all of life to return to its original Divine Blueprint.

This sacred ceremonial Event is designed for each individual that tunes in with us to come into a coherent field of unity consciousness.

Each Participant will be guided into the point of pure awareness within and from that space can we then create an energetic light grid together, which interconnects us and which will be sent out through the Earth’s leylines.

Within that unified container, we create a powerful harmonic field that allows purification, illumination, and remembrance to occur. Here do we all hold space for each other and do we all become each other healers as well as our own.

Every month are we going to have a different focus point that we work with to serve the planet as a collective.

Love and Blessings

Gabriel & Asherah

Coming Web of Life: Saturday the 11.04.20 8pm GMT | 1pm PDT

Focus Point: Strengthening the Heart Coherence


Together we are the gateways to Change.